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We Love McSatan

And we're proud of it!

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Addison Forbes Montgomery-Shepherd
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Welcome to the official livejournal community for fans of the character Addison Forbes Montgomery-Shepherd (yes I prefer the hyphenated version) - played by Kate Walsh - on TV's hit show Grey's Anatomy.

Addison is loved to hate by most, but some of us - we just love her!


001. Be nice children and don't fight.

002. Promote

Please save to your own server and link back here. Yaaay we love Addison.

003. Share the love -- don't be greedy.

004. Please put any potential spoilers behind an lj-cut.

005. Have fun! Introduce yourself! Make friends!

006. Feel free to post about anything related to Addison or Kate Walsh. Most anything GA-related will be tolerated, but if it's too off topic... meh.

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